Wright’s Farm’s rich history has given them the opportunity to use beautiful pieces from their past. The following are available to rent for your event.

Rustic Farm Tables – twenty in total, fits ten people, English chestnut brown
table 2
Rustic Flower Centerpiece Boxes – twenty in total, made from repurposed apple bins, aged wood

55 Gallon Whiskey Barrels – ten in total, light wood
Apple Crates/Bins – can be used as food stations or to display wedding favors

Craft Beer Taps – palette framed with rough cut lumber, two taps, can be connected to kegs for easy dispensing of beer

Rustic Bars – palette framed with rough cut lumber, pine wood

drink bar
Doors – rustic, antique doors; can be used to make a gateway, arch, decoration, etc.

Wooden Ladders – can be used for decorations, party favors, etc.
Trough – can be used for drinks, holds ice, drain hole in the bottom


S’mores Bar – perfect for a tasty treat during an event24
Wagon Valet Service – wagon rides from parking lot to venue


Antique Milk Cans