Will my wedding cost less than an indoor wedding?

Probably not. But it certainly will be the most memorable for you and all your guests.

 What is the cost of the venue?

May – June $4000

June – July   $5000

Aug – Sept   $6000

50% deposit at booking.

What is included when I rent the venue?

 An awesome view with nothing but the Shawngunk Mountain Ridge and farmland all around you   ~ A generator for electric  ~ torches surrounding the patio and parking area (over 60)~ wedding site available till 12:00am ~ use of sight for engagement photos ~ site available  one week prior to wedding  for setup~ we over see all the vendors so you don’t have to.  Signage for your guest to find venue.  

Can I have my ceremony at the venue?

Yes.  You will need to arrange for seating and a tent if weather is a problem.   We can provide straw bales for a country feel or wooden benches for an addition charge.   

Ridge view

This is your back drop for the ceremony. 

Do I need to get  event insurance?

You will need to purchase event insurance.    This cost about $200.  

How long can my event go till?

You have till 12:00 AM.  

When can I begin setting up for my event?

 One week prior to date.

What is the maximum amount of people I can have at my event?

300 people

Does the venue come with a tent?

No because every event is different.  Therefore a different tent size is needed  for each event.  You may pick the rental company yourself but  we work with Durant Party Rentals.  We can contact them for you  or you can contact them directly.  They have everything you need to finish off your wedding.    

Do I need a tent?

No.  Only if the chance of rain.  You can setup streamers or balloons etc….  The sky is your limit.  

When can I set my tent up?

You have the week before your wedding to have the tent company setup your wedding tent.

Do you have any farm props to make my wedding more rustic?

Yes.  We have tons of items  you can rent for your special day.  Check out our rental tab.  If there is something we don’t have please ask us.  We probably have it.  We just forgot to list it. 

Can we camp at the wedding site for the night?  

Yes.   You would need to notify us of how many campers there would be and how many tents.    An additional charge of $50 per tent would apply.  

 Do I need to use your caterer? 

 No. You can use whoever you’d like. We can recommend some really great caterers in our area though.    All caterers must have an alcohol license.  

 I would like to serve alcohol at my wedding.   What do I need ?

 Your caterer must have an alcohol license.    

 I see you have a brewery on site.   Can we serve your beer at our wedding? 

 As soon as we get our license.  Stay tune.  

Hope this helps answer most of your questions. For more information email us or call us at 845-255-5300.