We are here to help you with your Wedding Planning

An outdoor wedding can seem overwhelming so we have  simplified it for you.

1.  Book the venue ~ The Hill at Wright’s Farm

2.  Book a caterer

– If you serve alcohol they must supply us with there liquor license

– If they don’t have a license, we do ~ we can supply the liquor and the bartenders at an additional cost

3.  Book a tent company

– In addition to the tent they should supply

* tables ~ chairs ~ dance floor ~wedding restrooms ~ generator ~ dishes  ~ linens  ~ silverware ~ etc….

4.  Hire a band or DJ (we can help with this)

5.  Hire a wedding planner for the day of wedding

6.  Order your wedding favors ~ We can help with this too….

7.  Order you cake if caterer don’t supply this.

8.  We have  ample parking for everyone but if you don’t want your guest driving hire a bus company to shuttle your guest to and from the venue. 

9.  Arrange for lodging with a hotel in New Paltz or Newburgh area for your guest.  Your guests are welcome to camp on the site at an addition cost.  

10. Order your flowers ~ we can  recommend a great one

Thats it.  We are happy to help with all of this if you don’t have the time.